daniels gainullins (GODSER)

I am a Berlin-based Visual Artist with a diverse range of artistic skills and a rich artistic background, specializing in painting. With 8 years of experience in Traditional Art and 4 years of professional practice, my expertise lies in oil and acrylic paintings. I have created captivating and expressive works, including commissioned pieces, home and business wall decorations, and art sold through my website and exhibitions.

In addition to my painting skills, I have 10 years of experience in Digital Art, where I have had the privilege of creating artwork for an EP and a Label called YUKU, designing for various businesses, producing prints and clothing, and successfully selling them through my website. As a Concept Artist, I excel in developing a wide range of concepts, including environments, props, characters, costumes, and creatures. I am proficient in using software such as Photoshop and Unreal Engine for Concept Art, and I am adaptable to other software as per project requirements.

Furthermore, I am proud to have accumulated 13 years of experience in Graffiti, with 10 professional years dedicated to this expressive form. My freelance work includes painting stores, gyms, homes, rooms, and participating in festivals. I even had the honor of winning the All City Jam 2013 graffiti competition.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to work as an artist at Big Burns Supper, where I contributed to creating costumes for parades, assisted with float design, and fulfilled various festival needs.

My formal education in Art and Design, acquired through studies in Ireland and Scotland, has further enhanced my artistic skills and knowledge.

Beyond my professional pursuits, visual art remains my passion, permeating all aspects of my life. Whether it’s engaging with video games, immersing myself in movies, or embracing the dynamic world of Graffiti, I find inspiration and joy in all forms of visual expression.

Recognized as a highly motivated and creative individual, I am known among friends and colleagues as an extremely hard worker. I am always dedicated to expanding my artistic skill set and continuously hungry for new knowledge. Challenges do not intimidate me, and my excellent interpersonal skills make me an invaluable team player.

With an open mind and a constant thirst for new opportunities, I eagerly await the chance to contribute my artistic talent and enthusiasm to new painting projects.

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Located: Berlin, Germany

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